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Gay Zimbabwean man causes a stir on social media

A certain self confessed Zimbabwean gay man has caused furore on the internet. He shared some images of his alleged white lover whom he says is in the habit of spoiling him rotten whenever they have their sexual escapades. The man bragged about being able to afford pizza whenever he feels like it due to the proceeds sourced from his homosexual activities in South Africa.

One of the images shared by the unknown man, shows him holding a thick bundle of 200 and 100 rand notes. In another picture, he is seen posing with a large slice of pizza in hand. The man clearly seems to be enjoyed his homosexual activities down South and the benefits he is getting from them.

Social media was awash with comments with most people expressing pity at the man. Some commented that the situation in Zimbabwe must have forced the man to look for money using unorthodox means in South Africa. Others questioned his sanity. Whatever the streets of social media had to say will not be able to deter the man from living his usual lifestyle.

Whilst being gay is generally frowned upon in the country it is an accepted norm in South Africa. There are various celebrity gay couples including the likes of Somizi and Moshe Ndiki. Globally, there are numerous countries that have embraced the phenomenon with some even allow same sex marriages. The reason why this man probably received so much backlash is because it is a taboo in Zimbabwe to be gay. Furthermore, his reasons of prostituting himself in order to buy pizza and other luxuries have been friends upon

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