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“I have gained 20kgs” Simphiwe Ngema reveals plans to get back in shape.

Tino Chinyani’s girlfriend and our very own makoti Simphiwe Ngema has revealed her plans to get back in shape. The actress recently gave birth to their son Tiyani. In a recent Instagram post, she said she is planning on getting back in shape post birth.

Simphiwe said she has gained 20kgs courtesy of her love for eating. She also revealed that she has not been binding her belly because she had a C-Section done. She however clarified that she would like to get her body back without giving herself too much pressure. She wrote,” Baking a whole human being is a big deal and I’ve learnt to be kind to myself”. To be precise, the actress said she is giving herself a year to whip back that body into shape.

Simphiwe and Tino welcomed their son in June and he turned three months old yesterday. Of course they managed to keep the pregnancy a secret for months and even after he was born. Most people were not even aware that the two were an item. They have been sharing images of their son without actually revealing his face and most people are anxious to see who he looks like. Given that both parents are drop dead gorgeous, he must be really cute.

The couple received some backlash with some ladies who had their eyes and hearts set on Tino seething with jealousy. Likewise those that were feeling the hots for Simphiwe wer left heartbroken. The couple is very much in love and are enjoying bonding with their son

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