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Madam boss breaks down after being called barren

Madam boss recently penned down an emotional message on social media after being called barren by a follower. She opened up about a lot of things and gave clarity on issues that affect women on a daily basis in terms of sexual reproductive health. After posting a hot image exposing her cleavage, madam boss received a plethora of mixed emotions. Some said he looked really hot and yet others reprimanded her for baring her cleavage. She seemed to be having fun with the comments, even the negative ones until that one follower castigated her for being barren.

The comedian was clearly broken. She said the comment had broken her spirit and that people always say things out of ignorance. She said her feelings were hurt by the nasty remark. Madam boss has one daughter Miki. Although fans have been asking her to have another baby in recent years, the comedian has always kept mum about her family planning issues. She said women struggle with a lot of issues when it comes to reproductive health. She also castigated stereotypes such as that women are not supposed to bear only girls or boys and said it is never anyone’s fault when things turn out that way.

Indeed, women are often harassed when it comes to issues of bearing children. One follower even said the nasty comment was uncalled for because it could be Mhofela’s fault that the two have only one child. Others said people should learn to mind their own business and stay out of such issues.

Madam boss is an accomplished comedian and business woman.

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