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Madam boss receives backlash after calling herself Beyonce

Some social media users have been mocking comedian Madam boss for calling herself the Beyonce of the country. The comedian recently took to social media to show off a white two piece ensemble which looked just like the one American singer and fashion icon Beyonce had worn earlier. She then bragged about being similar in looks to the star and said she could represent the country as out very own Beyonce.

There was a plethora of mixed reactions to this claim and some people did not hold back in reprimanding the comedian. Some women said the comedian is now getting a thick head over beauty issues by ranking herself as the most beauty woman in the country. They lashed out at her and said she has not been behaving like a married woman. Alas, some even lashed out at her for revealing her tummy in the two piece outfit.

Some loyal followers of the comedian said there was nothing wrong in a woman taking pride in her beauty. They also said she even looked better than Beyonce. The comedian herself has defended herself over the outrage. She claims her husband is comfortable with her dressing and that she is still very young.

Madam boss has been bashed over dressing issues for quite some time. Last year, she caused furore when she was photographed in a two piece bikini by the poolside. She later on caused eve more commotion when she was pictured wearing a tiny bum shot at a party. She said her husband approves of her clothing choices and even handpicks some pieces for her. The comedian is not even bothered by negative comments and still maintains that she is Zimbabwe’s very own Beyonce

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