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Mai Titi advises women to be hustling queens and not slay queens

Comedian Mai Titi recently dished out some advice to women. The self made businesswoman encouraged women to be hungry for success. She said ladies ought to pursue success for themselves as opposed to hunting for successful men to take care of their needs. She also said being a female did not warrant that one should be a liability. The comedian might have been asking women to emulate herself considering the hard work and efforts that she has put in becoming a brand. Mai Titi’s life story is indeed testimony of reaping the fruits of hard labour.

Mai Titi said women should no aim to become hustling queens rather than slay queens. Considering the new phenomenon that has swept over the country of women dating older, richer men to acquire wealth, her message might just be the real deal. Mai Titi has always been at the forefront, advocating for women empowerment. After a failed marriage and suffering for years, she finally stood up and made a name for herself.

She is now one of the most famous faces on social media platforms and television. Mai Titi is also an accomplished singer whose tracks have even been played on prestigious forums such as Trace Africa. She is an independent woman who has proved that she can take care of her two daughters.

Mai Titi recently bought herself a Mercedes Benz. She has been leading by example in terms of setting the pace for fellow women in showbiz to emulate. Mai Titi also owns a lingerie boutique as well as other business interests. She is a very good example of women making it big in the face of adversity.

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