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Mai Titi claps back at follower for nasty comment

Mai Titi is clearly one feisty lady. She does not hold back when it comes to dishing out massive clap backs on social media. The comedian was at it again recently when a fan fell victim to one of her bitter responses after passing on a comment.

Mai Titi posted an image with her sleeping on her bed with her passport on her face. The general assumption by most people was that she intends to travel soon hence the show of her passport. Some even asked her where she is headed for this time since she is well travelled. One follower then passed a remark that the comedian had earlier on vowed that she would never leave her kids again. She reminded Mai Titi of how she had cried on social media about missing her kids when she was in America.

As usual, the comedian gave the follower a tongue lash that will certainly make her think twice next time before making similar comments. She simply wrote, “zvakunetsa papi sekunge uri mwana wangu” translating go mean “where does it concern you as if you are my own kid”. Social media users have been reeling in shock at the response which they did not expect. Mai Titi often claps back at her own followers whenever she feels they have crossed the line.

Her feuds with fellow celebrities have also revealed that the comedian can be very vocal and will not stand down when she feels challenged. Mai Titi is well known for her sharp tongue

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