Mai Titi launches “meow” brand

Mai Titi is not holding back this year. The comedian, singer and business woman is soaring to great heights with some new and exciting ventures this year. She has just launched a clothing line called “meow meow” which comprises of sneakers and t-shirts. The brand name was borne out of her ongoing beef with prophet Passion who always states that it is the year of the rat. Mai Titi, in retaliation always claims that it is the year of the cat hence the name meow.

Mai Titi also made the headlines a few weeks ago after opening a shop for her daughter Felisha. She showed great support and even roped in bigwigs such as Zodwa Mkandla and Tammy Moyo to witness the event. Her daughter ventured into the cosmetics business. It seems the comedian is not putting on any brakes in terms of business projects.

Mai Titi also owns a lingerie business among other interests. Things are certainly going well for her as she recently bought a Mercedes Benz for herself. Hate her or love her but the outspoken comedian is doing well for herself

Mai Titi has been commended for grooming her kids to become self sustaining at such a tender age. Her other daughter Titi, is involved in a number of projects and is a brand ambassador for several companies.In spite of being a single mother and raising her kids on her own, Mai Titi has shown strength and resilience. Most fans congratulated her on the launch of the meow brand. 2020 is definitely a good year for the comedian and her kids.

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