Mambo Dhuterere’s new album causes furore

Mambo Dhuterere has once again earned some recognition following the release of his new album. The 5 track album which was unveiled recently has placed him on the top spot in terms of gospel music. Fans had been calling on for some new music and Mambo Dhuterere managed to deliver. His new album had been said to be one of the best releases of the year.

The singer decided to make some changes to his singing style by releasing an album with fewer songs but more lyrics. Unlike his previous album which had many songs, this one simply has go five songs with much more depth. This has been welcomed with open arms by his fans.

The album features songs namely Zvinonyadzisa, Ndabvunza Emmanuel,Kurira mkundi, Kubata basa and Ndinzwei Mambo. All of them have been positively reviewed. The award winning musician certainly lived up to billing with his new offering.

Mambo Dhuterere rose to fame with some contemporary traditional gospel songs such as Mweya ndisesekedze. He also had a series of collaborations with artists such as Mathias Mhere and Seh Calaz. He immediately became a household name. He later on won some awards including the Permican awards.

Fans have been enticed by his latest album as shown by the comments on social media. He has once again managed to capture all the attention. His unique, deep voice gives his music a unique edge. People also love the fact that he sings together with his wife who is part of the backing vocalists. The new album is certainly a winner

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