Man who killed his mum and cut her head off finally nabbed by police

A young man who allegedly cut off his mother’s head in a suspected juju case has finally been nabbed by the police. Tinashe, a Zimbabwean who is based in South Africa sent chills down the spines of many when he was reported to have killed his mother and cut her head off in Pretoria. He then fled the scene with the head and police had been looking for him. He was caught in Mahikeng.

Tinashe was busted at his ex girlfriend’s place where he had taken refuge. It is reported that he confronted his former girlfriend and demanded that they rekindle their love or else he would cut off her head as well. Tinashe is said to have shown her the head and forced her to accommodate him if she did not want the same fate to befall her. The grandmother of the girlfriend then tipped off the police who came to the scene promptly.

The story of Tinashe caused an outpour of rage on social media with most people questioning his sanity. He was alleged to have ruthlessly murdered his own mother for ritual purposes. Some social media users said they feel pity for the young man as he will have to bear the wrath of his dead mother if not appeased. They also said South Africa has become a breeding ground for murderers who are coerced into doing such heinous acts by sangomas for financial gain or other reasons. These sordid acts have become a common phenomenon.

It remains to be seen how his case will pan out in court. In another incident, a Zimbabwean lady was murdered for a cellphone and a wifi router recently in South Africa. She was murdered in front of her toddler. The crime rate in the country has reached alarming levels and people have to constantly be on the look out for robbers who do not even think twice about taking a life

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