Man who murdered 7 year old boy nabbed by police

Police have confirmed the arrest of a herd boy from Murehwa in connection with the murder of a young boy. Tafadzwa Shamba was arrested after being linked to the heinous murder in which a seven year old boy was mutilated. His rotting body was found being devoured by dogs with some body parts missing. It is alleged he was murdered for ritual purposes.

Shamba was picked up by police and is being alleged to have sold the body parts for US 1500 dollars. He worked in cahoots with with two others who are still at large.

National police spokesperson Paul Nyathi said Shamba and his accomplices waylaid the young victim on his way to a the garden. They took him to a mountain and kept him there for the whole day before brutally killing and mutilating him. One of the suspects who is from Juru growth point took away the head leaving Shamba with the other body parts after promising to give him US 1500 dollars later on upon coming back.

Police also recovered some blood stained clothes that Shamba wore on the day the crime was committed. The brutal murder has been labelled as one of the most chilling murders to be done in the country. Most people expressed grief and shock at the killing of such a young boy whose life was cut short by such a cruel act.

The young boy had been sent to the garden by his parents. They later on realised that he was missing and upon making enquiries, they were told that he had been spotted swimming. The Murehwa community has been gripped with fear following the murder of the young boy. Most people have called for justice to be done

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