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Mudiwa reveals plans to seduce the ladies in new reality show

Hip hop artist Mudiwa Hood has a new project up his sleeve. The rapper recently announced that he is about to unveil a reality show. He said the new show will be called Under the hood. Mudiwa’s surprise announcement has caused a lot of commotion on social media and his loyal fans are pregnant with anxiety to sample his new project.

Mudiwa further clarified on the projected reality show and said the concept is that he will be a bachelor hosting different ladies over friendly and fun dates. He also reiterated that there are a lot of activities lined up and some prize money. The announcement has come as a sweet melody to the ears of most bachelorettes who have had their eyes fixed on the rapper for some time. Mudiwa is very much single after his separation from his Portuguese wife Angelica early this year.

Most ladies had been showing some interest in the rapper but he has always brushes aside efforts to date other women. The new show will be the first of its kind in the country and Mudiwa is expect to work his charm as he swoons the ladies.

Some social media users however had no kind words for the new show and accused the rapper of trying to emulate American shows that are far fetched from reality. Others said they would be excited to watch something different on the local media space.

Mudiwa is a rapper, business man and motivational speaker. He has quite a large following on social media which might work to his advantage on the new show. His good looks and flamboyance have also earned him a lot of recognition over the years, especially from the ladies

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