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Mudiwa’s advice on sexual relations met with mixed emotions

Mudiwa Hood recently ruffled some feathers after giving his own opinions on the issue of sexual relations between men and women. The rapper decided to interpret sexual relations within a biblical context and the result was a massive backlash on social media.

Mudiwa wrote,”Most downfalls of men are caused by multiple girlfriends. Sex is a spiritual encounter, not every girl has a good spirit. Before you sleep around, think deep”. Those who are well versed with issues of spirituality were quick to agree with the rapper and reiterated his message. They claimed sleeping around certainly has its own implications and one would need deliverance afterwards.

Others scorned at the rapper’s advice. They said he was simply trying to remain relevant ever since his split with wife Angelica. They claimed Mudiwa himself had been dumped by his wife on cheating allegations and he could therefore not sit on his high horse and dish out such advice. Mudiwa is a popular rapper and entrepreneur. He is often a topical subject on social media for various reasons ranging from his beef with Stunner to being questioned about his singing.

Mudiwa might not have been the best person to give out such a message considering his reputation as a ladies man. His good looks and flashy lifestyle have lured women to him over the years.

Mudiwa rose to fame with his song Ndaita mari. Fans have however been asking for new music from the rapper. His message on sexual relations has caused furore

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