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Pam cakes causes furore with new look Manchester United cake

A certain cake done by a sensational baker has blown away the internet. Pam cakes Zimbabwe recently caused furore after unveiling a Manchester United cake bearing the team’s new uniform. The cake has been commended countless times by most people especially Manchester United fans.

Comments on social media revealed the level of excitement by most people after catching a glimpse of the cake. The cake was designed to look like a Man United jersey and had all the works on it. Pam cakes indeed did a sterling job to recreate the new jersey in her own unique and delicious way.

Cakes have become more versatile and colourful of late. A good baker can create just about anything through a cake including a house, car, book or even a shoe. This is just what Pam cakes did. Of course some people were quick to respond with humour to the cake as they threw shade at the new uniform which has seen Manchester United being branded “manjenjenje United” due to the black and white colours resembling a zebra. The cake has become the centre of attraction on social media platforms with most people seeking her contact details so that they could also have one for themselves.

Pam cakes is located in Eastlea and the leading cake lady Pamela makes delicious confectionery items including cakes, buns, rolls and breads among other things. The new and revamped Man United cake has certainly proved that she is immensely talented

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