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Pokello hits back after being dissed about her weight

Pokello recently breathed fire at a fan who took a dig at her weight. The socialite has been trending on social media after sharing a recent picture of herself looking all dolled up and glamorous. While most people have been commenting about her swag, this one fan said the socialite is getting bigger.

Pokello is used to people saying all sorts of negative things about her but she could not let this one go. She clapped back and asked if she had eaten groceries from the fan’s house much to the amusement of social media users. Pokello has had shade thrown at her over the years for various reasons ranging from her looks to her lifestyle.

The queen of swagger is indeed looking gorgeous these days. Fans expressed admiration at her new hairdo and said the change from her usual shaved sides was a good change. Pokello is known as the queen of swagger. She has a fine taste in clothes and her exquisite lifestyle has made her to be the envy of many.

Most people were astonished at the clap back and it revealed that the queen of swagger does not take matters regarding her weight lightly.

Pokello is among one of the most beautiful women in the country. She blew fans away with her stint on Big Brother Africa and has been a force to be reckoned in high class society ever since. Pokello is also a business woman having opened her boutique at Sammy Levy village last year. We guess being constantly in the public eye has its own fair share of problems but Pokello has proved that negative comments will not get in her way. Pokello is definitely one fiesty lady and will not let anyone body shame her

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