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Prophet Angel commended for donating yet again

Prophet Uebert Angel has once again been commended for his show of love. The man of cloth recently surprised the people of Buhera including member of parliament Joseph Chinotimba by donating food hampers. The prophet sent trucks of mealie meal to the drought stricken area

Most people expressed gratitude at the gesture and applauded the man of God for remembering them during such a difficult time. The people of Buhera are currently experiencing acute food shortages. Some even said they are surviving on wild fruits such as mawuyu which they pound into powder and eat.

Prophet Angel was not present during the food presentations but sent some representatives. The Buhera South legislator Cde Joseph Chinotimba thanked the man of cloth for his big heart.

The prophet has been donating food and other basic necessities to various areas. A few months ago, he gave donations to the people of Gokwe. He also pays school fees for a number of students. His philanthropic work has earned him a lot of respect. He is also one of the few people within the christian community to actually go out o his way to ensure that people other than those from his church are provided with basic needs

The kind deeds of the prophet have led people to question the morality of some famous prophets in that they have not contributed anything towards ending hunger and suffering during this covid 19 pandemic.They have been accused of milking their congregants without even bothering to give back.

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