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Seh Calaz pens down emotional message to Jah Love

Seh Calaz and Soul Jah love seem to have mended their relationship as evidenced by a recent revelation on social media. The two occasionally took jabs at each other and their fans have been at each other’s throats for some time. However, in a recent message, Seh Calaz showed some love to his old arch nemesis and even suggested that he wanted Soul Jah love to sing at his funeral.

Seh Calaz expressed gratitude to Jah love for having stood by him in tough times. He said the zimdancehall chanter was there by his side at times when even his own relatives had abandoned him. The singer clearly has so much respect for Jah love.

Fans were happy to learn that the two are in good books and the fact that they have been there for each other. Seh Calaz and Jah love have indeed come a long way after rising to fame in the poverty stricken suburb of Mbare. They each pioneered dancehall music with hit songs such as Ndini uya uya and Ndozvandinomudira by Jah Love while Seh Calaz churned out hits such as Pandakatanga. They even collaborated on a song called Maone atanga and roped in Kinnah. There seemed to have been enemity between the two at some point in their careers but that has since become a thing of the past.

Seh Calaz said he would not have been where he is had it not been for Jah love. He also said there could not have been a Jah Love without Seh Calaz. The two musicians have been battling demons of their own with one dealing with drug addiction while the other has been dealing with a failed marriage.

Both Seh Calaz and Jah love are heavyweights in the music industry and their show of appreciation for each other has been commended

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