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Social media weighs in on Bev Sibanda’s weight gain

Controversial dancer Beverly Sibanda is trending on social media these days after sharing images of her new self. The dancer seems to have gained a lot of weight and social media users have been questioning whether she is pregnant. Bev got married a few months ago to her husband who is a doctor. She is clearly putting on some extra kilos according to the latest images

Bev recently bragged about her lavish lifestyle and said she is living it up with her husband. She said she is enjoying the good life and that her doctor bae is in the habit of spoiling and pampering her with goodies so much that she is gaining were very fast.

Social media users have been speculating that the dancer could be pregnant. Some have said it cannot be a mere case of living the good life and the images are proof of a bun in the oven. These allegations are however not new. A few months ago, Bev silenced rumours of pregnancy by showing a negative pregnancy test. Rumours have resurfaced that the dancer might be pregnant for real this time.

Bev shocked many people when she got married. She later announced that she would not be hanging up her dancing boots and marriage was not going to stop her from pursuing her career. Bev is quite famous for her raunchy dance moves and stage antics. Her flexibility and attitude even landed her some roles in music videos such as Ricky Fire’s ndiratidze zvaunoita. Her rendition video of Enzo ishall’s 50 magate also caused a furore on social media last year. Fans are anxious to know whether Bev is indeed expecting

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