Steward bank clients fume over poor service

Steward bank clients have been making a lot of noise on social media and accusing the bank of poor service and mal perfomance. The bank’s Facebook page is full of negative comments with most clients threatening to seek services elsewhere due to poor performance in the part of the bank. Among other things the bank is being accused of failing to process salaries of civil servants timeously that would have been deposited by various institutions such as the SSB. People who commented on the bank’s Facebook page said they usually get their salaries a week after those getting from other banks. They have questioned the bank’s systems which are causing so much incompetence.

Others are crying foul over late processing of Nostro payments. They are also furious that they have to actually go to the bank physically to merely convert their USD payments to local currency. Other banks such as FBC and CBZ offer an online platform for their clients to do so. Some clients also bemoaned the fact that they are not able to get their USD Nostro payments in cash but are rather asked to come to the bank to convert the money into rtgs balances.

Steward bank started off as a people’s favorite bank. The convenience of transferring money from ecocash wallet to bank account and vice versa lured many people to use the bank since it was not an easily available service at other banks

It remains to be seen whether the bank will takes steps to improve on delivery and customer services.

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