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Stunner apologizes for nude live session

Hip hop artist Stunner recently came under fire for a live Instagram video gone wrong. The rapper was having a good time on his no under 18 session when a fan suddenly appeared naked and dancing in the shower. The rapper was lambasted for having entertained the lady who appeared to be very eager to show off her naked body on the live session. Stunner has since issued an apology on the whole debacle.

The rapper’s issue also sucked in former wife Olinda Chapel who claimed that people were flooding to her inbox. She also shared a screenshot apparently from a chat with the girl’s relative who was hunting for Stunner. Olinda said Stunner ought to be ashamed of his behaviour and that the sender of the message had texted the wrong person. She actually advised him to seek Dyonne, Stunner’s wife.

Stunner issued an apology recently and said things had gone beyond his control. He said,”I know my live sessions are no under 18 because of the topics we discuss but yesterday was way outside my comfort zone and I’m sorry to my followers and next time I shall be more respectful and careful when adding people. Kutya kunzi ndakwata ndokwatosvitsa pano. I’m sorry guys, I will do better next time. I apologise”.

Controversy seems to be following Stunner these days. His altercations with Olinda have been putting a dent on his career after due to certain information that was not known to the public coming out. Stunner has however been commended for apologising to fans.

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