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Stylish fashion items for the hot weather

The general trend to dress up has changed with the change in weather. As we say Hello spring we compile a list of fashion trends dominating in this hot weather.

You can make a stylish fashion statement by rocking a doek. These light, head wraps are ideal for the sunny days ahead. You can tie it into a knot at the front, back or sides depending on your own choice. You can also put it on top of your braids, wig or even just your natural hair. Doeks are a common trend even from back in the days. You simply need to add some extra touch ups to make yours stand out.

Maxi dress
Of course, you can leave a lasting impression with a well cut out Maxi dress. These are a must have during this hot weather. A flawless, summery dress with a sheet fabric will make you stand out from the rest.

Strappy sandals

Of course, this is the right time to ditch those heavy boots and opt for some strappy stylish sandals. These are great with any type of clothes be it skirts, dresses or jeans.


This is the season for all things denim. Dainty denim skirts, shirts and low cut jeans are a must. Denim blends in well with a wide array of clothes.


They are very much in this spring. Celebrities such as Mapaseka Koetle have been spotted rocking some pleats lately.


A good pair of sunglasses will make your outfit stand out. They simply give you an extra edge. Sunglasses are certainly a fashion must have

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