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These celebrities are trending for showing off their legs

Some celebrities take pride in their bodies and often flaunt their assets. There has been a sudden urge by some of our favorite celebs to show off their legs. Here are the ladies that are causing commotion on social media with their legs.

1 Zim fit mums
She is know by her handle Zim fit mums and this lady has left fellow women green with envy due to her well toned and shapely legs. She recently sent social media into overdrive with this picture of her gorgeous legs. It is however not a strange thing since she is a fitness fanatic. She often posts her gym workouts.

2 Pokello

The queen of swagger is rated as one of the most beautiful ladies in the country. This makes her stand out amongst other women when it comes to her legs. She has been revealing them in cute little shorts and strappy shoes courtesy of her shoe line Pokello Pink bottoms. Pokello’s legs are flawless.

3 Plaxedes Wenyika

Another celebrity with fine legs is urban grooves singer Plaxedes Wenyika. She has proved that she is not shy to show them off on various occasions. This picture has been making waves on social media.

4 Madam boss
Of course our compilation would have been incomplete without this hillarious comedian. Madam boss has been investing a lot lately in her looks and those legs are to die for.

5 Moana
Hours upon hours o working out have given Moana a cute set of legs. Moana knows how to maintain her hot bod and keeps her legs as good looking as they can be

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