Top 10 hottest celebrity couples of 2020

Some people simply give marriage that adorable status. We take a look at some of the cutest celebrity couples of 2020.

1Uerbert Angel and Beverly

Christian ministers Uebert and his wife Beverly are serious couple goals. The two are a living example of a successful marriage and the power of God in a marital union.

2 Madam boss and Mhofela
Comedian Tyra Chikocho and her husband Ngoni have something beautiful going on their life, their marriage. The two love to have fun together. Apart from sourcing for sponsors and facilitating business deals, Ngoni also acts alongside his wife in her comic skits. The duo is a formidable team and negative comments from fans has done absolutely nothing to deter them from living their life to the fullest.

3 Vimbai Mutinhiri and husband

Local journalist Vimbai is very much in love with her Nigerian husband. The two got married this year and have been serving us some couple goals.

4 Stunner and Dyonne
They had their fair share of problems this year just like any other couple but they are still going strong. Stunner and his wife almost split up after the former was accused for raping the latter’s younger sister. They however remain one of the hottest couples on our list

5 Minister Mahendere and wife
This couple is inseparable. The two work together on music projects, something which seems to have brought them even closer together.

6 Exq and wife
Musician Exq and his wife are also one very sweet couple. The two have managed to stock together through thick and thin. A recent image shared by the singer revealed that the two are expecting and fans were overjoyed .

7 Jah Prayzah and wife
Jah Prayzah is pretty much a family man and his wife is one lucky lady. The two recently welcomed a son to their brood. Things are certainly going well in their camp.

8 Beverly Sibanda and husband
Controversial dancer Bev has been bragging about her marriage. The dancer recently said she has been enjoying married life and being pampered by her doctor husband. She said she has even gained weight due to good living and peace of mind.

9 Passion Java and Lilly
The outspoken man of cloth loves to heap praises upon his wife. He even bought her a Lamborghini recently on her birthday.

10 Selmor Mtukudzi and Tendai Manatsa
Their love has withstood the test of time and this couple is not backing down

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