Top 10 sexiest ladies of 2020

Zimbabwean ladies are indeed upping their game in terms of looking good. Working out, eating healthy foods and investing in some good make up has brought about astounding changes to most celebrities. Here is our list of the hottest ten ladies of 2020.

1 Moana

Moana is a fitness fanatic and countless hours in the gym have given her what most women would lose an arm and a leg for. She is undoubtedly one of the best looking women this year. Moana has been mesmerising viewers with her bad kick-ass moves in music videos such as Mwenje. Her beauty has seen her being cast in various videos by artists such as Jah Prayzah and Enzo ishall.

2 Vimbai Zimuto

Nude pic scandals and a controversial arts exhibition drew the attention of many to Vimbai Zimuto. She is not shy to flaunt her beauty. Vimbai set tongues wagging when she posted a series of her naked pics. In spite of criticism from various people, the artist continued with perfecting her art and even posted more images.

3 Lorraine Guyo

Lorraine’s flawless beauty has earned her a reputation as one of the sexiest women alive. She rarely puts on heavy make up or wigs but it is her natural beauty that has had fans going crazy. Lorraine has been viewed as an icon of the natural beauty revolution.

4 Pokello

Of course, our list would not have been complete without the queen of swagger herself. Pokello even brags about her beauty and style and has many a times claimed to be holding the title of the most beautiful woman in the country.

5 Kim Jayde

South African based model Kim Jayde is a sight for sore eyes. Her flawless beauty has made her one of the most sought after models in the country. She is also a television presenter. Kim is very confident about her body and often claps back at negative comments about her boobs. Talk of beauty and attitude.

6 Madam boss

Apart from being humourous and hillarious, Madam boss is also a beauty. The comedian has had people lapping up at her beauty countless times. Her curvy figure and fair skinned complexion have made her a force to be reckoned in the arts industry.

7 Grace Mugabe

The former first lady is looking better than ever. She could out some women her age to serious shame given her good looks and fit bod. Recent photos of Grace at her home have shown that age is just but a number when it comes to looking good.

8 Kicky badass

The rapper is indeed a beautiful gem.

9 Ruvheneko

She has the beauty and the brains. Ruvhi is simply a sweet human being with a good heart to compliment it.

10 Queen Vee

The former model and singer knows how to slay and look good.

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