Two police officers arrested for conning money changer of USD 20 000

A Zimbabwe Republic police duo recently got a taste of their own medicine after they were arrested for stealing. The two police officers had made away with over USD 20 000 from a black market forex trader.

The two officers of the law have since been arrested and charged with criminal abuse of office. The two cops, Prosper Chimbumu, 29, and Onasis Muzanenhamo, 34, were not asked to plead when they appeared before Harare provincial magistrate Judith Taruvinga.The court heard that Chimbumu and Muzanenhamo plotted with other police officers who are still at large to target illegal foreign currency changers and to fleece them of their money.

It has been reported that that the rogue police officers then joined several WhatsApp groups for foreign currency changers in order to scout for potential marks. The duo promptly responded when one of the group members, Mutarwa Gift Chisadza posted that he was looking for local currency enough to cover the US$20 000 he had.Chimbumu and Muzanenhamo lied that they had ZWL$2 000 000 and agreed to meet with Chisadza in town to conclude the deal. When Chisadza showed up, the two cops were waiting in ambush and arrested him for illegal dealing in foreign currency.The police officers confiscated the money and claimed that it was evidence. When they got to Harare Central Police Station, Chimbumu and Muzanenhamo made Chisadza sit at the reception lying that they were going to collect the keys to the exhibit office.The two then left the building through another exit.

After noting that he had been left at the reception for an inordinately long time and that no paperwork had been processed, Chisadza grew suspicious and realised that he had been duped by the two law enforcement officers.He promptly filed a police report. The two were arrested after they conned Elvis Nyanhete of US$2 000 using the same modus operandi.

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