“Usandinyangadze” Olinda Chapel gives chilling warning to ex

The unfolding drama between UK based socialite Olinda Chapel and her ex husband Stunner has become even more intense. The two have been squabbling over the weeks and social media users have been following up on the saga. Unlike in previous encounters, where Olinda would emotionally break down, the socialite has been clapping back this time.

A recent video shows Olinda throwing shade at Stunner for failing to make something of his life. She said he had failed to open up even a small tuck shop business after dating someone as influential as herself. Essentially, the socialite was saying Stunner should have taken a leaf from her in terms of making money and operating a business. She also said Stunner had failed to utilize her knowledge even after having had the opportunity to date someone of her class. Olinda has said in a previous video that the only accomplishment that Stunner had made in his life was to date her.

Olinda seems to be hell bent on taking her ex husband to the cleaners. Of course Stunner has been hitting back at his former wife but it is her videos that are mainly attracting all the attention. Most social media users have advised the duo to resolve their issues privately instead of airing their dirty laundry in public.

In the recent video, Olinda even retorted at Stunner and said she did not want to deal with his nonsense. She actually uttered, “Usandinyangadze”

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