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Ways to spice up your braids

Braids are so versatile and stylish that you would not want to miss out on them in this hot weather. Gone are the days when braids were a simple hairdo that only ordinary people craved. These days braids can be altered to numerous different styles and colours such that they have become a hot fashion trend. Curling them up, adding a splash of colour and having blunt edges are some of the things you can do to your braids. The list is simply endless. Here are some of the things you can do with your braids.

1 Bangs

Whoever said bangs were for wigs and natural hair only was clearly wrong. There is a new trend in town, taking over the hair and beauty world by storm. You can have some neat bangs with your braids. Some prefer to put some beads on the bangs thereby giving their look an edgy feel. Bangs are so hot right now and the association with braids is a match made in heaven

2 Shaping up

Well straight lines can be boring so you can try out this hot trend. You can have your box braids done in shapes such as triangles. The end result is simply stunning. This style is very nice and you can even try it out on your kids. It pairs well with braids that are thickly done.

3 Bobbing up

A bob never goes out of style. You can have a funky bob with your braids. It can be a short one or a medium length bob. Thickness of the braids also depend on your personal preferences. A bob is a great hairdo because you can pair it with your formal clothes or rock it with some casual clothes.

4 Colouring up

Most women are opting for bright colours and greys when it comes to their braids. Orange, green, blue and purple have become such common colours. It will be great to try and experiment with colours of your choice to step out in style during this blazing hot weather.

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