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Woman and her kids forced to live in a garden after being chased away from home

A woman who hails from Mutare is languishing in poverty together with her kids after being chased away from home by her husband. She has been accused of having extra marital affairs hence the abolishment from her matrimonial home. She and her four minor kids are now living in the garden, a few kilometres from home. There has been outrage on social media at the way the husband handled the matter.

Reports circulating on social media are that the woman is being accused of bedding other men when her husband was working in South Africa. It is alleged that she was being watched over by her husband’s relatives as she partook in her dirty deeds. Upon his return, the husband was briefed on her shenanigans and he threw out of the house, together with the kids. Social media users have been questioned why the minor children have to bear the brunt of living in unhealthy conditions for their mother’s deeds. There has been a huge outcry for the man to take back the children as they deserve decent shelter,food and sanitation which they are not able to get in a vegetable garden. Others have been asking the man to resolve the issue in a more civilised way and if he he is now questioning whether the kids are his or not, to seek a partenity test.

Some had even scoffed at his behaviour and argued that he is not the first man to be cheated on. They even asked whether he himself was not having extra marital affairs in South Africa. Such issues have become a common phenomenon in the country. Children are often caught in the middle of fights between parents leaving them exposed to all sorts of damage.

It remains to be seen whether the man will take the woman back. Some have been advising her to go back to her own parent’s home. The conduct of the man clearly boarders on the lines of domestic abuse and sadly his children are suffering the most. They have become a pathetic bunch, living a lifestyle deserving of animals and not little humans. Of course, most people do not condone what the wife is alleged to have been doing but her punishment and that of the kids might have exceeded normal boundaries.

The Mutare community has been rocked by this incident. While the husband may be angry at his wife, his actions clearly speak volumes on the issue of him failing to take proper care of his own seed

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