Zim millionaire Sam Mshengu loses his riches

Sam Mshengu Chabalala, a Zimbabwean born millionaire must be cursing on his ancestors. His assets are set to go under the hammer this week. The rich business man who was based in South Africa is said to have fled the country after a long list of criminal charges were levelled against him. These include corruption, illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, illegal entry,remaining within South Africa and providing false information to be granted entry.

Mshengu had a thriving business empire in South Africa that saw him rake in millions of dollars annually. He was indeed the envy of many people. At one event he surprised the crowd by arriving in a motorcade full of luxurious cars. He arrived at the Durban July with a convoy consisting of more than 70 state of the art cars. Some of them had his name inscribed on them. He was constantly flaunting his wealth at high end events and speculation is that this show of wealth led to investigations to be done on the source of his riches. What was unearthed led to charges being made against him.

Mshengu’s vast empire is on the verge of crumbling in front of his eyes. The once flamboyant mogul is believed to be in Zimbabwe. He was granted bail of 500 000 rands last year on the criminal charges. Mshengu is believed to have attempted to bribe a senior police official to have his car that had been impounded released. He was however caught. Mshengu, whose real name is believed to be Gilbert Tachiona, was hospital while in jail in a suspected case of food poisoning. He was also found with gadgets in his cell prompting an investigation to be made on how they had been smuggled into his cell. The business man must be writhing in anguish at the loss of his wealth.

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