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Zuva Habane reflects on turning 34

Social media influencer and former model Zuva Habane recently celebrated her birthday. The plus size influencer turned 34. Zuva was all smiles as she celebrated her birthday and expressed gratitude for yet another year added to her life.

Most people said they had learnt with shock that Zuva is already 34 years old considering that she looks very young. The self confessed urban tete had a nice and elegant cake to celebrate the momentous occasion and tossed to her future. Zuva is quite famous for dishing out relationship advice and self care tips for women on her social media handles. She regularly shares information on keeping one’s intimate health such as vaginal steaming and the use of yoni eggs. She has received criticism several times for sharing such information but the ladies seem to lap up her advice which they claim, has helped them.

Zuva is based in South Africa and has been involved in a number of philanthropic work projects to help desperate Zimbabweans in South Africa. She even roped in sponsors to help with food packages to those in need during this lockdown period.

Zuva has come a long way in creating her brand and is one of the most sought after personalities on social media. she has also been hailed as a powerful voice for fellow women. She is opinionated and sticks to her resolutions even in the face of opposition.

People from Gweru wished one of their own a happy birthday as well as her followers. Zuva still has a lot to achieve in her life but for now she has managed to make something of her life at only 34. We wish we were in the former model’s shoes

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