6 organisations to join as a Sales Rep to earn extra money

Living in these hard times entails that one ought to invest time and money in side hustles to survive. White collar jobs have since become overrated and those going to formal jobs are continually seeking other business organisations to join in order to earn additional income. These six reputable organizations have become life changers for most people.

Jeunesse Global
This company has become a lifeline for a lot of people. It sells cosmetic and health products such as hair products, wellness packs and skin products. The major idea is to get more people to buy their products whereby you earn some points and money. The company is not a fly by night scheme but an organization founded by some top scientists and has been rocking the global market. You can also simply order their products and resell at a profit.

2 Inuka fragrances

Everyone loves to look and feel great. Inuka is another company that is improving livelihoods. You can get extra money by selling their fragrances, bath salts and creams at a discounted price with massive returns.

3 Tianze

Herbs have become part of our everyday lives. People are now embracing the healing power of herbs and Tianze is a Chinese company that allows distributors to sell their herbal products at a commission. The herbs treat all sorts of ailments.

4 Avon

Another beauty company that is also making waves in the industry is Avon. You can order products from Avon and sell them for profit. The great thing about Avon is its versatilty. You can get different items ranging from jewellery, skin care products,fragrances and even handbags among other products.

5 Avroy Shlain

This organization is all about women empowerment. Some ladies have testified to buying assets and cars through distributing Avroy shlain products.

6 Forever Young

Another giant powerhouse that is offering great opportunities for several people of forever Young . They offer a wide range of cosmetic and health products that are easily available at an affordable price. Joining as a distributor has a lot of benefits.

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