Armed robbers wreak havoc in Mandara

A group of armed robbers have been wreaking havoc in the suburb of Mandara in Harare. The notorious gang members are using a maroon Mercedes Benz to snatch valuables from unsuspecting residents. They are reported to be armed and menacing.

Residents who spoke to this publication expressed their fears at travelling in the quiet roads particularly at night. They said the robbers have been prying on innocent residents under the guise of being undercover cops. Their modus operandi is that they approach people disguised as police officers in plain clothes and point out the issue of wearing a mask. They then ask to see your particulars before making away with valuables.

One gardener in Wallace road is said to have pointed out to them that they are robbers and the quicky sped off. There have been several reports of robberies within the area spanning from Mandara, Greendale and Highlands. It has now become very dangerous to walk at night. Below is a message circulating on whatsapp groups about the activities of the robbers.

Be advised that there is a maroon Mercedes C200 maroon in colour with different reg plates front and back doing rounds in Mandara which was observed from about 1400 Hours today.
The plates are ADX 8851 at the back and ACX5905 in front.
They are stopping people without masks and purporting to be officers. They are being said to be armed and you should under no circumstances approach them.
Highlands police have been alerted.

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