Avenues clinic is offering free breast cancer screening

Avenues clinic has been commended for rolling out an initiative to help screen for breast cancer. The upmarket health service provider is offering free breast cancer screening throughout the month of October. It will be done every Monday between 12pm-2pm at St Clements clinic located at 57 Baines Avenue in Harare.

October is breast cancer awareness month and women are encouraged to go for breast cancer screening. Breast cancer is a common type of cancer that is claiming many lives each year. Most women, sadly pass away due to ignorance. Going for screening and taking precautionary measures will enable one to take the necessary steps in beating the deadly disease.

Celebrities including Ruvheneko, Pokello, Madam boss and Zodwa Mkandla recently teamed up to raise awareness on breast cancer. Some women are yet to get adequate information about breast cancer which affects many people.

Women are strongly encouraged to go for the free screening which can help identify signs and symptoms. October is indeed a special month

Some signs of breast cancer include lumps in the breast and sharp pains. Most women rarely notice the signs until it is too late. Treatment for breast cancer includes chemotherapy and at times having a mastectomy, that is removal of the affected breast. Many people have battled breast cancer at some stage including celebrities.

Dubbed Pinktober, the month of October is indeed one that women should take advantage of and go for screening. Avenues clinic is giving a lifeline to most people for no payment. This opportunity is worth pursuing

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