Chinotimba’s second wife denies that she was caught pants down

Buhera member of parliament Joseph Chinotimba might have to rethink his divorce to second wife after the latter remains defiant over being dumped. The legislator claimed to have caught his second wife with a lover and immediately slapped her with some words of divorce at a police station. His wife Lorcadia is however demanding that the legislative must follow tradition and divorce her using the proper african route. She claims she is yet to receive gupuro from him.

Gupuro is a token of divorce handed over to one patner after they decide to go their separate ways and end their marriage. Lorcadia is alleged to have been caughtfed handed with her lover at the Vehicle Inspection Department in Tuesday. In an interview with a local publication, Lorcadia said Chinotimba never caught her naked or making out with anyone and was making up these allegations. She is demanding that the legislator must take her back to her parent’s house and divorce her using the proper channels. She has since stated,”If he no longer loves me he must give me a token of divorce and leave me in the hands of my parents”.

Chinotimba is famous for his catchy and hillarious phrases. He is often the subject of jokes. The outspoken legislator rose to fame during the “hondo yeminda” era after spearheading the take over of white owned farms. His title as a war veteran has however been questioned several times. Chinoz, as he is popularly known has been accused of not allowing his wife to collect her belongings following their fall out.

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