Civil servants make fun of death allowance

Civil servants have once again laughed off the latest efforts by government to quell their growing temper over poor salaries. Last month it was announced that salaries would increase threefold and that the covid 19 Nostro payment would be extended until year end. It has now been announced that all civil servants that pass away will get a funeral allowance of US 500 dollars to cover funeral expenses. The announcement was recently made by Nick Mangwana and social media has been on overdrive with most people throwing shade at the pronouncement.

Civil servants have since asked government to give them the money as a salary increase or allowance while they are still alive instead of waiting for them to pass away. Civil servants are among the least paid proffessionals in the country with the least paid earning around 11 000 rtgs. Converted into US dollars, this money is around 100 US dollars which is barely enough to cover basic expenses such as food and rentals. Civil servants have been calling on government to give them salaries equating to at least US 600 dollars, an amount that they used to earn before the redollarization of the economy.

The Nostro payment had been promised as US 75 dollars but government later announced that the money would only be accessed through Nostro payments in which banks could convert the money into rtgs dollars and deposit into normal accounts. So complicated was the whole process that government has since made a turn around and is simply depositing the money into ordinary bank accounts as rtgs dollars after converting it at the prevailing interbank exchange rate

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