Civil servants scoff at threefold salary increase

Civil servants have frowned upon the purpoted salary increase by government. The civil service paymaster recently announced that salaries have been increased beginning end of October. A closer look at the new figures however shows no substantial increase sparking a huge outcry from civil servants.

According to a recent statement, the least paid worker will be earning just over 11 000 rtgs dollars. One of the least paid sector, teachers will be taking home around 12 500 rtgs dollars. This amount includes the USD 75 Nostro payment which is now being paid in local currency at the prevailing bank rate. According to government, both the normal salary and the converted nostro payment will be paid on the usual pay days.

Some people have expressed relief at the fact that the Nostro payment is now being deposited all at once without the hassle of going to the bank to liquidate it into local currency. Another bonus is that it is now being converted at the prevailing bank rate without any bank charges being deducted. Most banks were deducting a certain percentage from the Nostro payments and then converting the remaining balance at a very low rate.

Civil servants have however scoffed at the offer saying there is still need for more negotiations. The rising cost of living as well as the use of US dollars has already eroded the value of the new salary offers. It means that civil servants are still earning beyond the datum poverty line. Civil servants are demanding salaries in the range of US 600 dollars.

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