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Fans reminisce on good times with the late Tongai Moyo

15 October was an important day for sungura music lovers as they reminisced on the olden days with their favorite singer, the late Tongai Moyo. The singer passed away after battling cancer. Indeed his legacy still lives on as evidenced by the messages on social media as people celebrated his life.

Tongai Moyo was a hit with the ladies due to his fine sense of fashion and charisma. His shows were always packed and stadiums would always be filled to the brim for his live performances. The singer clearly knew how to deliver and his shows always lived up to billing. Together with his group Utaka taka express, Tongai blew away thousands of people with stunning performances and quality music. His untimely death caused a lot of pain to most of his loyal fans who would not miss a show for anything.

Tongai Moyo released some hit songs such as Nemumvura mese. His love lyrics were well articulated and his music was classic. It is still being enjoyed up to this day. Moyo’s battle with cancer eventually led to his demise. People flooded the internet with messages of hope to his family. The singer passed on in 2011 but the dent that he left in the music industry will be difficult to repair.

Although his son has been following in his footsteps, Moyo fans have confessed that they still miss hits from the late star. His dance moves and infectious smile were also one of his signature trademarks. Dhewa, as he was popularly known will forever be missed and his music forever cherished.

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