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Ginimbi flaunts his new lamborghini

Flamboyant business man Genius Kadungure commonly known as boss Ginimbi is flying high these days. The rich mogul was recently seen flaunting his new lamborghini after it landed in the country. The yellow moving machine has been trending on social media.

Ginimbi loves to acquire cars as if it was grocery shopping. He has a wide array of state of the art cars and he seems not to have plans to stop purchasing any time soon. Ginimbi already has two Ferraris, a Rolls Royce, a Bentley and a Mercedes Benz among other luxury cars. His massive accumulation of wheels remains a mystery for most people who often question whether this obsession will ever end.

Ginimbi fans had much to brag about on social media after stating that Passion Java no longer has any hold over Ginimbi. The controversial man of cloth and Ginimbi have been flexing their financial muscles and running it in each other’s faces. Java often bragged about his lamborghini but it seems the two are now at par. Ginimbi has many business interests both locally and outside the country’s boarders. He is one of the richest business people in the country and is certainly living his best life

Ginimbi has been under a lot of scrutiny regarding his riches. He has been accused of being involved in dodgy deals. This however remains just speculation. He was arrested last year in allegations of fraud but he went off the hook this year. The business man is certainly living fancy

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