Gruesome murders that shocked us this year

Murder is not something to be taken lightly. The recent spate of events has however shown that people are going to extreme lengths to get rich quickly and in their quest to amass wealth they are killing others. The country has been gripped in fear ever since reports of horrific murders surfaced. 2020 has indeed been a sad year for some families whose members were brutally killed.

Sypho, a phone dealer was found dead and dumped in Harare. He was said to have been lured by some teenagers on the pretext that they wanted to buy a cellphone from him. The trio that was arrested for his murder include the son of a high court judge Justice Mawadze. After netting in their victim the teenagers stabbed him, robbed him of his valuables and dumped his lifeless body. They were later nabbed by police.

A young 7 year old boy by the name Tapiwa Makore was savagely killed by one herd boy named Tafadzwa Shamba in Murewa recently. The murder was so horrific that it sent chills down our spines. The young boy was waylaid on his way to the garden. The herd boy had been enlisted to do the murder by Tapiwa’s own uncle to whom he bore his name. His remains were found being devoured by dogs with the head,arms and legs missing. The herd boy was arrested after being found with blood stained clothes and he confessed to the murder. He said he had intoxicated the young boy with traditional beer known as Chikokiyana first before cutting off the boy’s head while he was still alive. He later cut off the arms and legs. The rest of the body was dumped nearby.

This murder has set tongues wagging. There was even more rage when the killer was recently granted bail by the high court.

Two soldiers were killed by some gunmen in Chiredzi. The murder occured in full view of patrons at a bar. The people responsible were later involved in a shoot out with the police and killed.

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