Gweru lesbian prophet slapped with 11 year jail term for sexual assault

A local lesbian prophet who sexually molested a female congregant was recently slapped with an 11 year jail term. The accused, Juliet Masakanire is the founder of Pray Deliverance and Testimony Ministries International. She appeared before Gweru regional magistrate Mrs Pathekhile Msipa facing two counts of indecent assault and one count of aggravated indecent assault. Although the woman of cloth pleaded not guilty to the three charges, she was convicted after a full trial. Evidence against her was simply overwhelming for molesting a 32 year old congregant.

It was the state’s case that at some point in January, the complainant was seeking accommodation. The accused offered to accommodate her temporarily. It was during this time that she prophesied that the congregant was going to get married to a husband by the name of Stanley Chinyonga. The accused person took advantage of this revelation and went on to sexually molest the poor victim on at least four occasions on the pretext that she was Stanley. She also sternly warned the complainant not to tell anyone.

As an incentive to keep quiet she gave the complainant some money through ecocash as well as US 16 dollars. Magistrate Msipa bemoaned Masakanire’s behavior in passing sentence. She said as a prophetess she should have protected the complainant instead of molesting her. She noted,”The accused was the pastor of the complainant who placed her trust and faith on her and prophecies. Instead of looking after her, she turned into her abuser and courts should give long custodial sentences to deter would be offenders”.

This particular case rocked the city of Gweru

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