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“He was very charismatic and always had good energy” Major players in the hip hop industry speak on the death of Cal Vin

The local music fraternity is mourning the death of a talented rapper Cal Vin. The Bulawayo based hip hop artist passed away during the wee hours of Sunday morning after being involved in a hit and run car accident. The horrific incident occurred near his home in Luveve 5.

Major players in the hip hop music industry have expressed shock and deep sorrow at his passing on. Co- founder of the Zim hip hop Summit Darryl Nyamutsamba said the young artist had made a huge impact on the music scene. He remarked, “He was a tremendously skilled rapper who thrived to produce the highest quality of work which is the reason why he found himself touring the global stage!

Beyond music, what I loved about Cal Vin is that he was very charismatic and always had good energy! We have lost someone who truly cared about the culture and I just pray he knew the type of impact he had on all of us”

Cal Vin was one of the main actors at the Zim hip hop Summit, an annual event that brings together local rappers, sponsors and fans in order to celebrate local talent as well as identify strategies to market local music.

Cal Vin was in the presence of his girlfriend and some friends when the incident occured. It has been reported that the group had been watching football at Emakhandeni Cricket club moments earlier.

The car that hit him quicky sped off and the only details that eye witnesses could gather was that it was white in colour. The music industry has once again been robbed of young talent. Cal Vin was an award winning artists whose future looked very bright.

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