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“If you love me, you have expensive taste” Mudiwa Hood speaks

Mudiwa is one bachelor that most ladies have had their eyes fixed on following his separation from his wife. Although the rapper claimed to be off the market and not in any hurry to get hitched, he seems to have changed his mind. His recent statements would suggest that he is very much looking for a patner. Mudiwa recently bragged about his good looks and appealing nature on instagram by stating that those crushing on him indeed have expensive taste.

Mudiwa is famous for having an enormous ego. The singer regularly makes reference to his good looks on social media. He said ladies who crush on him have an expensive taste, an indication that the rapper sees himself as worthy of their attention.

Ladies have been hitting on the rapper ever since it became public news that he had broken up with his wife Angelica. The two had just welcomed their son. While Angelica is living it up overseas having been locked up there due to travel restrictions brought about by covid 19, Mudiwa has been playing his fatherly role and taking care of his son. Mudiwa clearly knows that ladies have the hots for him hence the confidence to brag about it.

The rapper recently announced that he will be hosting a show in which he will be a bachelor looking for the perfect one to date. Ladies have been breathing down his neck, asking for a date and confirmation that he is still in the dating game.

The rapper is every woman’s everyday crush and the response on social media to his post has been overwhelming. Some have taken his sentiments as an invitation to throw in their cvs. Mudiwa rose to fame with his song ‘Ndaita mari’. He is also a business coach.

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