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King 98 set to to release new album in March

Award winning hip hop artist King 98 is working hard in studio as he prepares for the release of his upcoming album. Rumour has it that the rapper is currently making final touches to his latest offering which is set to be released in March next year. The young rapper is one of the most successful people in the hip hop music industry in the country.

The album is reportedly being recorded with several producers that include COG and award winning Nigerian producer Speroach. This is a clear indication of what to expect. The album is set to be a hit considering the effort and time that the young artist has invested. King 98 had a fruitful 2020. His collaboration with Diamond Platinumz on the song Kachiri has earned him international recognition with the song being played on prestigious forums such as Trace Africa.

In spite of his tender age, King 98 has emerged as a force to be reckoned within hip hop circles. He has also been making waves on the regional scene having collaborated with several artists from beyond the country’s boarders such as Nasty C from South Africa and Diamond Platinumz from Tanzania. Fans are drawn to his youthful vibe and lyrics. His future in the hip hop industry looks bright.

King 98 fans are eagerly awaiting the release of his new album. They are also expecting the album launch to be massive such as his previous Francesca launch. It featured performances from various artists from all over Africa as well as local artists. These included Nadia Nakai, ExQ and several others.

King 98 has been commended for putting in the works when it comes to his trade. He always comes up with a quality product which has seen him earning him several awards and accolades

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