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Madam boss lands herself in hot soup with Seventh Day adventist church

Madam boss might have landed herself in hot soup with members of the Seventh day adventist church. The comedian often shares images on social media wearing SDA regalia . Some of her posts have set tongues wagging. For reasons known to her, Madam boss recently posted an image of herself drinking the popular brew Chibuku super and humorously remarked that she is an avid SDA member who loves to binge on Chibuku. This has caused an uproar.

The comedian has come under fire for the remark. Suffice to note that members or the SDA church are discouraged from imbibing alcohol or any such related liquids. The sentiments by the comedian have been viewed as offensive if not blasphemous by SDA fans.

Madam boss is known for her light humour and hilarious jokes but she might have gone overboard this time. It is no secret that members of the SDA Church are very particular about their religious doctrines. Some who spoke out on social media reprimanded the comedian for associating such a noble church with set principles with alcoholism.

Comments on social media suggest that people are not amused by the actions of the comedian. Some have however defended her and asked those without sin to cast the first stone.

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