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Must read: Disturbing videos circulate of pregnant women at shrines

A series of videos have been trending on social media showing local prophets doing some strange rituals to pregnant women. The videos were taken at local apostolic shrines and the prophets have been doing all sorts of crazy stunts in a process that is often referred to as “kuuchikwa”. The videos have caused outrage and some women have expressed fears over the rituals.

In one video a prophet is seen performing a strange dance for the pregnant women. He goes round her in circles and later carries her on his back. The intensity of the ritual has been branded as dangerous but it seems the prophet was merely showing off his healing prowess.

Women often visit apostolic shrines to get rid of pregnancy related complications. Some make occasional visits to get assistance to conceive. Another video that has been doing the rounds on social media is that of a prophet who claims to have the powers to turn a baby from a breech position to engage into the lower cervix by chanting some inaudible prayers as well as making use of his hands. The pregnant woman is made to lay down and the prophet starts with his rituals. These videos have been a major cause for concern especially for those in the medical field. Some women have had to drink concortions such as eggs mixed with cooking oil and lemon juice at the instance of prophets after being told that it is a way of protecting themselves and the unborn baby. Some of these things pose a great danger but alas people seem to be ignorant.

Pregnancy is a sensitive condition and women ought to take extra care of themselves and their babies. These rituals have been said to pose certain spiritual and physical implications.

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