Passion Java blows up the internet with a steamy pic

Passion Java has set tongues wagging yet again. The controversial man of cloth seems to have a knack for rubbing off religious groups the wrong way. A recent photo of the man of cloth shows him shirtless and munching on a bunch of grapes. Truth be told, most religious groups are not amused by this image while the ladies can’t get enough.

Passion is no stranger to controversy. This has led to people question his authenticity as a man of God. If he is not bragging about his cash and expensive assets, he is picking up fights with fellow celebrities. This whole shirtless vibe has however taken things to a whole new level.

The ladies have been drooling at his shot at nudity. This is however a first for the man of cloth. Passion has been vocal on social media many times. His long standing beef with Ginimbi has also made him a very popular reference on social media.

The preacher is now being viewed on a different light following the release of his shirtless image. The image has caused furore with most social media users puzzled at Passion’s latest stunt. Whatever his reasons, the man of cloth certainly managed to grab our attention

Passion is famous for his show of wealth on social media. He occasionally brags about his wide range of luxurious cars include a Lamborghini. He also has a wide variety of expensive clothes,shoes, jewellery and gadgets. The US based prophet likes to throw lavish parties. He has often been questioned on the source of his massive wealth. Him going shirtless has just increased his popularity, something that he has always cherished

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