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Posh boss shows off a gift that Zodwa Mkandla surprised her with

Nomathemba Ndebele, the fabulous lady behind Posh Zimbabwe is on cloud nine after receiving an expensive gift from a friend. The business mogul took to social media to extend gratitude to her longtime friend Zodwa Mkandla for buying her a brand new Loui Vuitton bag. She was ecstatic as she shared the news.

Noma said she and Zodwa have been friends for a long time. She credited her friend for initiating her into the life of luxury by inviting her to fancy parties. She also claimed that Zodwa is a regular customer at her upmarket boutique. The two clearly share a deep friendship rooted in success and girl power.

Noma said the gift that she received had been a total surprise. Zodwa had merely asked her to come over to her place only to be given such a precious surprise. Noma also claimed this is her first ever LV bag.

In handing her the expensive piece of leather Zodwa had remarked,”You deserve it. I have watched you fall and get up stronger…keep doing what you do..” Noma is one feisty and aggressive woman. Her inception into the business world was no easy walk in the park but she managed to pull through. She once claimed that she only sold a few pieces during her first month in the fashion business. She eventually had to quit her job in order to pursue her dreams.

Posh ZW is a boutique that sells top of the range fashion. It is where the rich and famous get their exquisite fashion pieces. Some of the celebrities that regularly do their shopping there include Pokello, Hillary Makaya and Ruvheneko. Noma is clearly loving her new gift and we can’t wait to see her her clutching onto her bag. She must have that one special dress to pair it with

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