Rushwaya implicated in organized crime racket

Henrietta Rushwaya’s arrest has opened a can of worms on the prospect of her being involved in an organized crime syndicate. It has been learnt that her clearance at the RGM airport took only four minutes and during that period all cctv cameras were switched off. This has been said to be no coincidence but a well articulated and organised move to allow the miners federation president to smuggle good.

The state which we initially no opposed to her being granted bail has now made a turn around and I opposing the relief sought. Rushwaya was denied bail by Harare magistrate even after the state stated that they were not opposed to bail.

MDC Alliance secretary general Charlton Hwende recently tweeted that Rushwaya was getting help from airport officials as evidenced by the switching off of cctv cameras. It might as well not be the first time that she has engaged in the illegal gold smuggling trade. Rushwaya is no stranger to controversy. She had several brushes with the law when she was still the ZIFA chief executive officer. She has also been implicated in a number of scandals. Most people are expectantly waiting to see the outcome of this particular case given allegations that the judiciary has been on a catch and release spree.

On her last court appearance, Rushwaya was not taken into the prisoner’s can outside the courtroom. Instead, the van went inside the holding cells at Harare magistrates court and took her in discreetly, away from the prying eyes of the public and media.

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