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Social media reacts to Madam boss getting her clothes at Mupedzanhamo market

Madam boss shocked many people recently after a shopping spree at place where most people would never expect her to be. She was spotted at Mupedzanhamo market doing some thrift shopping and this left many people puzzled. It is rather unusual for celebrities to be seen in such unorthodox places.

Madam boss said she felt like buying some additional clothes. She was seen mixing and mingling with fans as well as selecting some pieces. The flamboyant comedian is known to shop at high end shops such as Posh and Pokello’s boutique. She seems to have decided otherwise this time and opted for a more humble and less expensive place to pick out her clothes.

Various celebrities have been spotted doing their shopping at the famous market. Last year, millionaire Luminista also decided to support local business by getting some clothes at the Mupedzanhamo market. She even invited some friends to help select some clothes. She promised to donate to charity the various items that she picked out. The market has become a convenient place for most people since you can get affordable clothes. Most people also love to shop at the market because they get unique pieces which you cannot locate at any other place. This would make a person stand out from among the rest.

Of course, social media reacted differently to the issue of Madam boss getting some clothes at the market. While some commended her for showing humility and supporting local business, others said it was a low for her. They said she ought to have standards because of her status as a celebrity

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