South Africa introduces UV disinfecting robot to combat covid 19

A new robot has been introduced to combat the corona virus in South Africa. The UV disinfecting robot is one of the major technological breakthroughs set to reduce the impact of covid 19. It has many features and can disinfect a room or ward. The robot has since made its way into neighbouring South Africa and has already been positively reviewed.

The UV disinfecting robot can automatically patrol for disinfection in the specified area. The science behind is that it emits light which breaks the DNA and RNA chains of viruses. It also has an intelligent sterilization system for large spaces. Most people have hailed the introduction of the robot which they believe will help stop the rampant spread of covid 19 in hospital wards. The robot has no ozone or secondary pollution effects and has a professional optical design.

The number of covid 19 infections has been on the rise in South Africa. Over 200 000 recorded cases have been reported. There is speculation that the relaxation of lockdown conditions might also cause an upsurge in the number of infections. Covid 19 has been ravaging the whole world and countries such as USA and Italy have been at the forefront in terms of the highest number of recorded deaths.

The robot has already started being used in some hospitals. Most people in the medical field expressed relief at the new development which they are optimistic will change dynamics. Frontline workers have been battling to contain the spread of the virus and have been falling victim themselves. Hope is high that the virus can now be contained in hospitals with the introduction of the robot.

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