Tapiwa Makore’s family pleads with authorities to bury headless body

The embittered family of murdered Tapiwa Makore is pleading with authorities to be allowed to bury their son. This follows delays caused by the failure to locate the boy’s head. His parents have since asked to bury his headless body so that they can get some closure. Tapiwa was murdered by a herd boy by the name Tafadzwa Shamba working in cohorts with the victim’s uncle Tapiwa Makore senior. He was arrested a few weeks ago.

In spite of the fact that the murderer has revealed the names of his accomplices, including the traditional healer to whom the head was surrendered, no progress has been made in terms of locating the head. The family is clearly living in agony and failing to get closure as the body of their son lies in a mortuary without a head.

This gruesome murder was allegedly motivated by the need to boost agricultural productivity and get financial gain by the uncle. He was implicated by Shamba who said it was the very uncle who had provided lighting as he cut off the boy’s head with a knife during the night. The community of Murewa has been rocked by this unfortunate incident.

Last week, artists took to the streets to march in solidarity with Tapiwa’s family. They called for an end to ritual murders involving young kids. The story of Tapiwa’s murder broke the hears of many and his family is clearly going through a lot. It remains to be seen whether the family will be allowed to bury the headless body.

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